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Class 1-A is a massive group of talented students in My Hero Academia who wish to become pro heroes. Of the group, there are so many memorable characters, and Ochaco Uraraka is one of them. The Uraraka MHA guide is all about her, delving deep into the gravity-defying superhero and everything that you need to know about her story up until this point.

As a central hero in both the manga and anime versions, Ochaco Uraraka has her fair share of fans in the My Hero Academia community, including those who, understandably, ship her with a specific main character. Hopefully, this Uraraka MHA guide will allow me to shed some light on why I think she is one of the most exciting superheroes in Class 1-A. From her history in the series so far to her quirk ability, here’s what you should know.

Bottom Line Up Front

Ochaco Uraraka is one of the first-year students at U.A. High School. She enrolls and becomes part of the prestigious Class 1-A in the Pro Hero course. Her quirk ability is Zero Gravity, allowing her to manipulate gravity for herself and anything that she touches, allowing them to float or come slamming back down to the ground in a split second.

As one of the main characters in the series, much time is devoted to her character and her eventual success in becoming a Pro Hero. Her hero name is Uravity, blending her actual name and gravity-defying capabilities.

Who is Ochaco Uraraka?

Uraraka MHA Guide: Class 1-A’s Uravity Explained - Manga Insider (3)

Ochaco Uraraka is a 15-year-old girl who grew up with a loving family. From an early age, she desired to use her quirk to become a professional superhero and save those who were in trouble. She enrolls in the fantastic U.A. High School, which is at the top of its class in all of Japan.

To showcase her talent even more, Uraraka is a member of Class 1-A, which is the top class in the first-year group for students aspiring to become Pro Heroes. She is a reasonably central character in the series because of this, with a decent number of fights and moments that center on her.

Her quirk is a great one, too, that is known as Zero Gravity. As you might expect from the name, it has to do with manipulating gravity, and it has become quite helpful for Uraraka in the fights that she has in the manga and anime series.

Please put all of this together with her bubbly and cheerful personality, and you have a character who has quickly become a favorite in the community. It helps, too. There is plenty of ship material waiting in the My Hero Academia series for fans to eat up regarding her.


Uraraka is a cutesy girl who is pretty fashionable and seems to love the color pink. The cheerful personality that she has matches her outwardly appearance, that is also bright and colorful.

Her appearances in the series mainly come down to two areas: her school uniform that she wears most of the time and her Pro Hero outfit for missions and fights.

School Uniform

Uraraka MHA Guide: Class 1-A’s Uravity Explained - Manga Insider (4)

The school uniform that Ochaco wears is not much different from that of anyone else in Class 1-A and her high school. That said, she has her touch on the clothing in so slight ways to make it all her own and work for her personality.

On the bottom, you will find that Uraraka wears a navy blue skirt that is somewhat short. To help with this fact, she wears leggings that cover her legs completely. She wears dark brown shoes on the bottom that are comfortable enough but also look ready for more physical activity when necessary.

On the top of her outfit, Ochaco wears the typical school blazer that is gray and does not button up. She wears a white undershirt that is buttoned-up entirely and a red tie around her neck. When it comes to her head, Ochaco has a huge smile and massive eyes.

Her hairstyle is interesting, being like a bob cut down to just above her shoulders. However, two prominent bangs hang down on the sides of her face that go slightly lower than the rest of the bob haircut.

Pro Hero Outfit

When Uraraka is not in her school uniform, the chances are that she will be in her Uravity superhero outfit. She mainly designed this outfit, so it perfectly captures her style and personality, unlike the school uniform that everyone has to wear.

The primary color scheme for the Uravity Pro Hero uniform is black and pink. On the bottom, she has black armor pants that go down to the knees and meet with her huge boots that are all pink. On the top half, the suit has two stripes of black while the rest of it is pink.

Her suit’s arms are partially black down to her hands, where she has sizeable pink wrist pieces. Around her neck is a hot pink metallic piece that is slightly different from the more muted tone of pink on the rest of the suit.

As for her head, she keeps the same hairstyle and all that, except for a little bit more makeup around her eyes. The main addition here is the headset accessory she has around her face. There are two pink components to it that essentially replace the two longer bangs on the sides of her face.


Uraraka MHA Guide: Class 1-A’s Uravity Explained - Manga Insider (5)

Ochaco Uraraka is a bright and cheerful person who is almost always happy except when she is sad. Without a doubt, she is the perfect example of someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. She shows her emotion in every situation and never holds back from revealing her feelings.

You can see it all on her face, no matter if she is happy, mad, sad, etc. This emotional side to Uraraka is endearing, though, since she is much more open and honest about herself than some of the other characters in the cast. This is likely why she is well-liked in Class 1-A and by everyone in the series.

Key Relationships

As one of the most colorful members of Class 1-A, there is no doubt that Ochaco Uraraka is also one of the most liked. This means that she effectively has a relationship with everyone in the series. However, there are only a few key relationships that you should know about.

The first of these is with Izuku Midoriya, or Deku as he goes by in his nickname and Pro Hero title. The star of My Hero Academia is a lovable guy, and it makes sense that Ochaco Uraraka is drawn to him so easily. They are good friends, and it is clear that their relationship means more to Uraraka than she lets on.

There are countless moments that the audience, and sometimes her other friends, get to see that showcase just how much she is falling for Deku. It is unknown if this is reciprocated yet, but Deku values their friendship nonetheless, especially in the latter part of the series as his powers grow.

The other significant relationship(s) is with the other girls in her class. This includes Mina Ashido, Tsuyu Asui, Kyoka Jiro, Toru Hagakure, and Momo Yaoyorozu. Tsuyu and Toru, in particular, seem to be some of the best friends that Ochaco has at school. They are all relatively close with one another and hang out a lot outside of class.

Voice Actor

The Japanese voice for Ochaco Uraraka in the anime version of My Hero Academia is Ayane Sakura. She is an iconic voice actor (and also an occasional singer) who you might know from many other lead anime roles. Here are just a few of my favorites from the series that I enjoyed:

  • Yotsuba Nakano: The Quintessential Quintuplets
  • Nao Tomori: Charlotte
  • Gabi Braun: Attack on Titan: The Final Season
  • Tsubaki Sawabe: Your Lie in April

On the English dub side of the series, which I think is one of the better dubs for an anime, the voice of Ochaco is the also iconic Luci Christian.

A legend in the business for quite a long time, some of my favorite roles for her include Nagisa in the masterpiece Clannad, Honey-senpai in Ouran High School Host Club, Nanako Yamazaki in My Love Story, and Reg in Made in Abyss.


Uraraka MHA Guide: Class 1-A’s Uravity Explained - Manga Insider (6)

There is one main ability that Ochaco Uraraka has in the My Hero Academia series. As you likely already know, the vast majority of humans on the planet have a quirk in this version of Earth, and Uraraka is one of them. Her quirk ability is known as Zero Gravity, and you might be able to guess its function just from the name alone.

Zero Gravity Explained

Zero Gravity is an extremely useful and powerful quirk that Ochaco has. With her ability, she can manipulate the force of gravity to her liking. While she does have immense control, there are some limitations and restrictions that she has to keep in mind when using the skill.

The basic premise of Zero Gravity is that Ochaco must use the quirk on an object or even person that she can directly touch. At the same time, though, she is able to even use it on herself. This means that she can touch a person to make them go floating up in the air due to losing gravity’s pull.

Or she can make an otherwise impossible object for her to carry possible to move around. She can even use it to make herself fly around essentially. This control extends to stopping the quirk, as well as she can cancel the loss of gravity for a person or object in an instant.

She can couple that with the martial arts abilities that she has learned to do a takedown on an opponent who might even be physically stronger than her, using the power of her Zero Gravity quirk at the same time.

The only downside to her quirk is that she does suffer from sickness from floating for too long, and there is a weight limit to her power, but she is constantly working on both situations.


The history of Ochaco Uraraka has to do with her storyline up until this point in the series. My Hero Academia is still an ongoing series (though nearing its end), so there is still more of her story left to tell. That said, there will be some spoilers for her character arc here and those she is around, so please be aware of that.

Joining Class 1-A

Once Deku enrolls in U.A. High School at the start of the series, he immediately meets Ochaco Uraraka, one of his classmates. She quickly becomes a central part of the story during the Entrance Exam for the school and is part of his class.

One of her significant moments comes early in the series with the tag team battle with Deku against Bakugo and Iida, where she gets to show some of her unrefined abilities.

Then there is the Sports Festival Arc, where she competes and gets decently far enough in the tournament before losing a crushing and emotional defeat.

From there, though, she gets the recognition that she deserves and has the opportunity to intern with one of the best Pro Hero Agencies in Japan.

Working as a Pro Hero

Uraraka MHA Guide: Class 1-A’s Uravity Explained - Manga Insider (7)

Before long, Uraraka and the rest of the class go to a forest for a training camp to prepare them for the upcoming hero license exams. In the process, though, the League of Villains attacks, and Uraraka gets to show her stuff once more against her possible rival, Himiko Toga.

At that point, the class recovers after the tragic events that follow and then enters the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc. During this time, Ochaco has many moments where she is able to prove herself against some of the toughest classmates from across the nation. In the end, she passes and receives her license to become a true Pro Hero.

As the Pro Hero Uravity, one of her first jobs is to assist in the attack on the Shie Hassaikai facility. She gets to help out a lot as part of the Ryukyu Squad in taking down actual criminals and showing that she deserves her license. One of the most important fights for her, though, comes a little later on during the Joint Training Arc.

Deku is someone that she deeply cares about, and getting to fight alongside him again is a welcome moment. However, Deku chooses in the fight against Class 1-B to use a newfound power of his that hasn’t been tested all that well.

In the end, he is unable to control it and starts to go crazy. Thankfully, Uraraka steps in and uses her gravity to reach him. She is the only person who is able to calm him down in this moment, showing the intense connection that she has with him. From there, she plays a significant role in one of the best fights of the Paranormal Liberation Army Arc.

Ochaco Uraraka in Other Media

Since Ochaco Uraraka is one of the most popular My Hero Academia characters, it should come as no surprise that she is featured in plenty of other media and areas beyond just the manga and anime versions. For one, there is the fact that there is a ton of merch and costumes centered around her.

If you find something My Hero Academia-related, chances are that there will be an option for Uraraka as well as possibly the main female character in the series. To this end, I have seen literally countless amazing cosplays of Ochaco, both online and in-person since the introduction of the My Hero Academia anime adaptation, and I do not see this stopping anytime soon.

Outside of merch and real-life stuff, there are also the My Hero Academia video games. There are the two fighting games that exist on modern platforms as well as a few mobile games on Android and iOS. I’ve played a few of these and they are decent fun for a little while, especially if you are an Ochaco fan since you can play as her.

And if you can’t get enough of Uraraka in the main manga, there are some spin-off series that she is featured in, too. For one, there is My Hero Academia: Team Up Missions where you get to see her and other characters team up with some unexpected allies and Pro Heroes.

The best spin-off manga series for Ochaco fans, though, has to be My Heroine Academia, which is a short spin-off series that focuses on the main females in the large cast of characters. While Ochaco does not have a chapter starring her just yet, she plays a role in most of the comedic and goofy moments that happen here alongside Hagukure, Mei Hatsume, and the others.

Fun Facts about Ochaco Uraraka

Uraraka MHA Guide: Class 1-A’s Uravity Explained - Manga Insider (8)

Here are some fun facts about Ochaco Uraraka that you may not have known about before:

  • Ochaco’s favorite food item is mochi, or glutinous rice treats typically used in desserts.
  • There have been many popularity polls for the characters in My Hero Academia so far, with Ochaco doing decently well. She started off quite strong at fourth but has since settled at around 12th place. This just goes to show how insanely large and high-quality the cast is.
  • Her hero name Uravity is a blend of her last name, Uraraka, and the Zero Gravity quirk that she has. However, there are also connections to the kanji that is used in her actual name as well.
  • Lastly, the boldest and most intriguing fact about Ochaco (in my opinion) is that her birthday is December 27, which is the same day as Hinata from Naruto. Naruto fans will likely know that Hinata (spoiler warning) likes Naruto and ends up marrying him in the end.
  • There are similarities between Hinata and Ochaco, especially since they both like the protagonist of their series. Did manga creator Kohei Horikoshi make their birthdays the same to pay tribute given their similarities and hint at what’s to come or does this mean he will likely go in a different direction entirely with Ochaco?


Question: Does Uraraka Wear Gloves when Sleeping?

Answer: Yes, she does, strangely enough. The reason for this being the case is because she is able to far too easily manipulate gravity. Since this is the situation, she will wear gloves when she sleeps so that she does not accidentally send herself or another object that she touches floating up to the ceiling.

Question: Does Ochaco Uraraka Like Deku?

Answer: Of course, answering any question like this is going to need a spoiler warning, so there’s your warning. That said, the answer is pretty obvious. Though, at least in the anime, she does not directly confirm it, it is abundantly clear that Ochaco likes Deku. Whether he likes her back or not is a different story entirely.

Question: Is it Ochaco or Ochako?

Answer: It’s time for a very short Japanese lesson (I’m not even close to being fluent at all; only at around an N4-N3 level so keep that in mind). In Japanese, there is only one “co” or “ko”, written as こ in Hiragana, unlike English that has both of these options available.
Many times, “ko” is used as the canon English version of Japanese names and words like neko. However, the official English name for Uraraka uses “co”, which is why it is best to write her name as Ochaco Uraraka. This is confusing because the Japanese manga site writes her name in English as Ochako.

Uraraka MHA Guide: Conclusion

Ochaco Uraraka, or Uravity, is one of the characters that the My Hero Academia community cares about deeply, especially when it comes to the classic ships. You would be hard-pressed to not find plenty of fan art and fan fiction covering her possible relationships with Deku and many other members of Class 1-A.

The class is just so large that there are many other members that you can find out about, each of which is just about as significant in the story as Ochaco is. We recommend finding out more about characters like Katsuki Bakugo, who is also a member of Class 1-A and the most explosive hero in the series.

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Uraraka MHA Guide: Class 1-A’s Uravity Explained - Manga Insider (2024)


Is Uraraka's quirk useless? ›

Her quirk is anti-gravity and cannot move objects without applying kinetic energy. She is useless against a villian by herself. She is probably useless against a villain with anyone actually.

Who is Uraraka jealous of? ›

After befriending Izuku Midoriya, she becomes noticeably uncomfortable when he gets too friendly with other females, such as Mei Hatsume or Melissa Shield, making her crush on him all the more obvious. Thankfully, Uraraka's jealousy is pretty harmless, and she remains friendly to these same girls.

Who is stronger, class 1a or 1b? ›

9 Class 1-A Has More Powerful Quirks

Overall, Class 1-A has more offensive Quirks. Many of them create big, flashy attacks that not only look cool but are typically the most effective against villains.

What is Uraraka's hero's name? ›

As a hero, her heroine identity is Uravity (ウラビティ Urabiti) and her quirk is Zero Gravity, a power to manipulate gravity in ways such as making objects weightless or making objects float, or even make herself to fly, an effect that she has to access by touching the object with her fingerprints, which then glow pink.

Who has the rarest quirk in MHA? ›

Many would argue that All For One is the rarest of all the Quirks, but we believe it is New Order. Cathleen Bate, known as Star and Stripe, once wielded the Quirk until Tomura Shigiraki stole it.

Who kills Uraraka? ›

Her journey, a testament to the power of determination and the impact of a hero's spirit, reaches its peak. Despite being fatally stabbed by Himiko and overwhelmed by her clones, her sheer will and determination to save her friends and stand up to evil prevail.

Does Bakugou kiss Uraraka? ›

Relive the most memorable moments of Bakugo and Uraraka's romantic relationship with their epic kisses. Experience the passion and love as these two characters share intimate moments together.

Does Uraraka love Deku or Bakugo? ›

Speaking of Uraraka and her realizations, she's the first one to realize and acknowledge her feelings. She's well aware of the fact that she likes Deku. Though for a time she did try to deny it. She was forced to admit the truth back when she saw Deku interacting with Camie during their tests.

Who will betray Class 1-A? ›

Traitor" is revealed to be Yuga Aoyama. He was born Quirkless, and with his parents both coming from wealthy backgrounds, they made a deal with All For One to give him his Navel Laser Quirk in a desperate move to grant their son a happy, successful life.

Who is the best girl in Class 1-A? ›

1 Kyoka Jiro Briefly Managed To Weaken All For One

The Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack, or Kyoka Jiro, is definitely Class 1-A's strongest girl. Jiro is quite a capable Hero and has been focused on much more than her peers, meaning she has had a better showing in the series so far.

Who wins class A or B? ›

Midnight reveals that Class 1-A won the battle overall and the winners celebrate their victory, leaving the losing class to lament over their loss.

Who is Uraraka's lover? ›

My Hero Academia's Uraraka Confirms She Loves Deku.

What does Uraraka call Tsuyu? ›

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco and Tsuyu are close friends, as they are on a first-name basis with each other. Tsuyu lets Ochako call her "Tsu", a nickname that only allows her close friends to call her. They care and protect when the other is in danger.

What does Uraraka call Deku? ›

Supporting character Ochako Uraraka tells Midoriya, “Deku gives off a feeling of “I can do it”. I like the nickname.” This is because she abbreviates the word dekiru, an affirmative verb used to express one's ability to do be able to do/achieve something, to give a new meaning to deku.

What is the lamest quirk? ›

This list covers the main series, movies, and the spin-off series as well.
  • 3 Soul.
  • 4 Squirmy Fingers. ...
  • 5 Soccer. ...
  • 6 Zoom. ...
  • 7 Love. Useful Only To One Person. ...
  • 8 Telescopic. A Sorry Excuse Of A Defense. ...
  • 9 Sugar Rush. One Of The Most Inconvenient Quirks Ever. ...
  • 10 Pop Off. A Quirk For Sidekicks At Best. ...
May 23, 2024

Who has the most useless quirk in My Hero Academia? ›

One completely stupid Quirk is Yoichi Shigaraki's quirk (the original holder of OFA). Yoichi's original Quirk is called Quirk Bestowal, which simply allows him to transfer the Quirk to somebody else.

What are the drawbacks of Uraraka's quirk? ›

Ochaco Uraraka's Zero Gravity Quirk allows her to nullify Earth's gravitational pull on an object, but it has drawbacks like leaving her nauseated and requiring her to hold her breath while touching the target.

Is Uraraka's quirk powerful? ›

During the Final War Arc, with her Quirk Awakening she is now able to effortlessly lift and suspend hundred of thousands of twice clones in the air in one fell swoop which are capable of flooding a entire city and is as big as a mountain.

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