The Best Hotels in Washington, D.C. (2024)

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The capital's vibrant hotel scene offers a place for every type of traveler to rest a weary head.

By Kim Ayling

The Best Hotels in Washington, D.C. (1)

The US’s historic capital city, Washington, D.C. hosts upwards of 20 million visitors per year – from dignitaries and honored celebrities to landmark-hungry sightsee-ers. And when those millions come knocking, the most important question on everyone’s mind is: what are the best hotels in Washington, D.C.?

Whether on business or pleasure, Washington D.C.’s vibrant hotel scene offers a place for every type of traveler to rest a weary head.

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Salamander Washington, D.C.

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Sitting pretty on the banks of the Southwest waterfront, the Salamander Washington, D.C. is as appealing to the city’s droves of tourists as it is with its regular business trippers. Formerly operated by the Mandarin Oriental group, the Salamander relaunched under new ownership in 2022 and artfully maintained its sense of refined style.

Currently, the hotel is undergoing a major facelift (don’t worry – it’s still fully operational with a stress on minimal guest disturbance throughout), that is set to conclude in fall 2024 with the launch of an expanded spa, upgraded suites and a new signature restaurant by chef Kwame Onwuachi.

Top Suite:



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The grandly decorated Presidential Suite offers two bedrooms and covers over 3,500 sq ft, including an enormous bathroom with double shower and a sunken window-front bathtub, a living room with separate dining space, and a butler’s pantry.

Rosewood Washington, D.C.

The Best Hotels in Washington, D.C. (6)

Located in the heart of Georgetown, just a stone’s throw from the picturesque waterfront, Rosewood Washington, D.C. makes an ideal base for exploring all the city has to offer. At just 57 rooms the hotel is one of the most boutique on this list, but punches well above its weight in terms of amenities, with signature dining from Wolfgang Puck, a serene rooftop pool and plentiful meeting and events space.

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In town for a while? Consider one of the Rosewood Washington, D.C.’s eight townhouses – each of the swanky one-bed abodes promise residential-style living, including private access, fully equipped kitchens and furnished patios. There’s the option to conjoin with neighboring townhouses for extra space, too.

Top Suite:

Bar those aforementioned townhouses, the hotel’s top key is to the Royal Suite, a lavish four-bedroom accommodation spread across over 3,400 sq ft. A welcoming lounge forms the heart of the suite – here you’ll find a working fireplace as well as dining space for up to ten (make use of the in-room dining options).

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The Dupont Circle

The Best Hotels in Washington, D.C. (10)

Part of the Irish family-owned Doyle Collection, which also operates the Westbury Hotel in Dublin as well as several London properties, The Dupont Circle is a modern, swanky inclusion in the Washington, D.C. hotel gang, with a handy location just off, you guessed it, Dupont Circle.

The hotel was first welcomed into the Doyle fold back in the late nineties, but reopened in fall 2020 off the back of a top-to-bottom, multi-million-dollar renovation, that saw it upgraded at the hands of Swedish architect Martin Brudnizki and New York-based firm Clodagh. The Dupont Circle is big at 327 rooms but has garnered favor for its boutique feel and impeccably friendly and impressively personalized service; you’ll feel as at home sipping co*cktails in the bar as you will catching up on emails in the lobby.

Top Suite:

Covering over 3,000 sq ft with not one, not two but three private terraces, The Dupont Circle’s Grand Penthouse Suite is up there as one of D.C.’s best. The sprawling accommodation has two bedrooms, Jacuzzi soaking tubs, a dining room seating eight, a comfy lounge and custom-designed interiors – its a real show stopper.

The Hay-Adams

An undisputed icon of the Washington, D.C. hotel scene, The Hay-Adams has earned a rightful spot in the city’s lore. First opened in 1928 on a prime spot overlooking The White House, The Hay-Adams is named for two distinguished D.C. residents: John Hay, who served as Abraham Lincoln’s secretary, and historian and Harvard professor Henry Adams.

While the hotel has naturally had several face-lifts in its near-100-year history, it still retains every ounce of historical charm with chintzy but never tacky decor and a refined take on traditional hospitality. Hungry? Head to The Hay-Adams’ signature restaurant The Lafayette for upscale American cuisine. There’s a private dining room, too. Thirsty? You’re in luck – the hotel is home to one of D.C.’s most exclusive bars, Off The Record.

Top Suite:

The Hay-Adams has 124 guest rooms and 21 suites – the top pick of which is the Presidential Suite. Way up on the hotel’s penthouse, the suite has amazing views over the White House, Lafayette Park and St John’s Church, and can be configured to have one or two bedrooms.

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The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

The Best Hotels in Washington, D.C. (11)

One of two Ritz-Carlton properties in the capital, The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C. is famed for, in truth, not being much like a Ritz-Carlton hotel at all, instead exuding a chic, boutique-style energy (the second is by no means the dud choice – many favor it for its more central location and bigger room count).

Housed in historic industrial building, the hotel has 86 guest rooms as well as 27 suites, each of which exudes Ritz-Carlton’s signature brand of noticeable but intentionally understated luxury. Guests can enjoy dinner at the Degrees Bistro, followed by co*cktails in The Living Room. The next day, indulge in a calming treatment at the modern spa.

Top Suite:

The Ritz-Carlton Suite stands out as one of the most exclusive accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. With a roaring fireplace and rich burgundy interior, this one-bedroom luxury suite is a welcoming sanctuary, ideal for relaxation or hosting guests.

Four Seasons Washington, D.C.

The Best Hotels in Washington, D.C. (12)

There is a lovely sense of security when booking a room at a Four Seasons: you know just what you’re getting with one of the biggest luxury hotel brands in the world. The Washington, D.C. property is no exception, with a nice Georgetown location, understated yet stylish decor and that famous FS service combining to make Four Seasons Washington, D.C. one of the city’s most sought-after hotels.

Facilities and amenities are top notch. There’s a recently-renovated spa, comprehensive business provisions and signature dining – go for hearty new American cuisine at Bourbon Steak, or something lighter at Seasons.

Top Suite:

The best room in the house is the one-bedroom Presidential Suite – West Wing (there is a smaller East Wing presidential suite, too), which covers 1,924 sq ft. Traveling with an entourage? The Presidential Suite can be linked up with neighboring rooms to create a two- or three-bedroom set up.

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Kim Ayling

Kim Ayling is deputy editor at Elite Traveler.

The Best Hotels in Washington, D.C. (2024)
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