Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (2024)

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (1)

Your new Photo Kiosk

Now available also through a web browser on any device
and with the function of cropping photos by customers.


Mobile Photo Kiosk

Mobile Photo Kiosk is a complete sales platform created for photo labs.Available immediately, equipped with an intuitive user interface and a functional administrator panel.Selling photo products online has never been so easy and accessible for photographers.

  • Your Photo Kiosk on any customer's device.
  • Easy administration and access via any web browser.
  • Dedicated, free app for your customers.
  • Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Online payments.
  • Automatic download of orders to your computer.
  • Access for your customers via the website or a dedicated app for iOS, Android and Huawei.

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Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (3)

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Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (5)

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Your complete Photo Kiosk

Mobile Photo Kiosk offers an easy-to-set-up online service to extend your reach. You no longer have to lose customers whose photos are stuck on their smartphone, tablet or home computer. Thanks to the online shop and mobile app, they will send you a complete order in just a few moments, selecting products from your offer.

Service in the cloud

You manage your orders by logging into the Mobile Photo Kiosk admin panel, where you add and describe your products. Customer photos are sent to your computer, along with the full order specification. All you have to do is fulfil them.

Get your offer into mainstream

Increase the availability of your services. Thanks to a dedicated, free app for your customers, you can keep them loyal to your offer. Every new opportunity to make a photo-gadget will not be wasted, thanks to the easy availability of your offer.

Full order control and online shop management

You can manage your shop online.

From anywhere in the world and from any device, you get insight into orders, configuration and management of the shop’s offer.

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How to start?


Register on theMobile Photo Kioskwebsite and open your shop for free by following the instructions shown on the website.

set up your shop


Your shop will be pre-configured so that you can start using the service straight away.You will receive your login details for the admin panel and the shop itself by email.


Personalize your product catalog, arranging it as you wish.You can also define payment methods, delivery methods and many other useful features.


Promote your shop and make it available to customers using the free graphic materials received from us.

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How your customers use the app?

Customers can place orders online in your shop directly from their browser directly or using a dedicated app that can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple App Store and Huawei App Gallery.

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Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (10)

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (11)

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (12)


Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (13)


Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (14)

They go to the mobilephotokiosk.appor open your shop in the app.


Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (15)

Type in your shop number or search for it in the list.


Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (16)

Select products from your offer and combine them with their photos.


Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (17)

Complete their order in the basket, just like in a classic Photo Kiosk.


Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (18)

Pay and send their order online.

Standard & Pro

Mobile Photo Kiosk is available in two versions:

Mobile Photo Kiosk Standard

It not only covers the functionality of the previousV2 version,but significantly expands it in most aspects.

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (19)

Mobile Photo Kiosk Pro

It contains everything that the Standard version does, plus:

  • Longer file storage period (31 days instead of 7).
  • Managing order status and download mode.
  • Additional notifications to shops and customers.
  • Automatic orders splitting between shop locations.
  • White Labeling option – ability to remove the Mobile Photo Kiosk logo and markings from the shop.
  • Customised advertising graphics in emails to customers.
  • Possibility to send emails from your own SMTP server.
  • Option to place the shop under your own domain name*.
  • Reinstatement of a payment with a possibility of changing its method and renewing it in the event of a failed transaction.
  • Labelling with the PRO label in the shop list.
  • Early access to newly introduced functionalities.
  • Priority technical support.

*The web app can be set under an external domain. For a full functionality the domain must be administered by Pixel-Tech and an SSL certificate for the domain must be bought. Please note a setup fee must be paid – please contact Pixel-Tech support.

How much does it cost?

It costs absolutely nothing to try Mobile Photo Kiosk.You can open a free account and run your shop on a trial basis without risking even a penny.

Once you are convinced of the possibilities offered by your photo kiosk, we offer you 4 convenient plans to choose from, based on the number of billing files and the duration of the service.


You can try Mobile Photo Kiosk free of charge for three months.You get access to the full functionality of the Standard plan and a ready-to-use demo shop.


It not only covers the functionality of the previousV2 version,but significantly expands it in most aspects.

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (20)


It contains everything that the Standard version does, and also gives you the opportunity to customize the shop and give it an individual character.

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (21)

How to get it?

You can set up a free demo account to get an access to the Mobile Photo Kiosk platform and then purchase a selected Subscription plan in your Admin panel directly.

Prefer to contact in your local language? Buy Mobile Photo Kiosk from one of our resellers.

New to Mobile Photo Kiosk?

Start by creating your new shop and try it out for free.

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (22)

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (23)

Need more information about ordering process, VAT and other matters related to purchasing? Check theFAQorContact us.

Our resellers

Not on the list?

Join us and become our reseller in your country.

Learn more

Here you can find Mobile Photo Kiosk blog and answers to the most common questions.

Mobile Photo Kiosk Expert Blog

Improve your knowledge and skills in operating your Mobile Photo Kiosk shop. Stay up to date with the latest news!


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to the most common questions.

  • > What does the shop website positioning look like?

    The Mobile Photo Kiosk shop is a sales (transactional) platform that runs as an application in the customer’s browser window (WebAssebly Technology).
    The shop’s website with its offer cannot be positioned directly because it is not a classic website.

    We will position the home page

  • > Are failed orders deducted from files or only those that physically arrived in our shop?

    Orders started but not completed do not affect file consumption (they are not deducted).

    Only orders that have been fully placed and are visible in the order list in the admin panel (including those with failed payment status) are charged for file usage.However, if you cancel the order for some reason (e.g. the customer calls to cancel), there is no reversal of file usage.

  • > Is it possible to view the file usage history somewhere, and not just how many files are left?

    Yes, the full story is available in two levels.Each order containsinformationon how many files it has used.Additionally, in theSubscription menuthere is a[History] buttonwith a full history of charges and top-ups to the account.

  • > Does the shop have a dark mode?

    Unfortunately not at the moment.Maybe someday,when there are no more urgent topics.

  • > Will existing QR codes work?

    Yes, they work normally.

  • > Will the system generate e.g. a ready-to-print PDF with a calendar, or will I still receive 12 photos?

    At this point it will still be 12 or 13 photos (depending on the product definition).

    In the future, we want to introduce a more advanced editor in which you will be able to define the template of a given calendar/book and receive a document with typesetting for printing.However, it requires huge investments and time to create such functionality.

  • > When will you introduce a ready-made wizard for creating e.g. a photo book?

    We have such plans and would like our platform to develop in this direction.

    However, at this stage we are unable to provide an exact date.Much will depend on the popularity and profitability of the V3 platform, as the wizard’s functionality requires huge investments in software development.

  • > Can a customer combine an order from two devices?

    Yes, this is one of the new features in V3.You can start the order on one phone, continue on another, and then add photos from your home computer.The logged-in user maintains not only the “basket”, but also a specific repository of photos used in the order.This allows you, for example, to add photos on your phone and then – while continuing to work on your computer – order other products using previously loaded photos from your phone.

Mobile Photo Kiosk – PIXEL-TECH (2024)
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