Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (2024)

The release of the Lost Lands puzzle game series as special editions has opened it to a new army of fans. If you’re playing Lost Lands 4, read on for part 2 of my full walkthrough.

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Lost Lands 4: The Wanderer Full Walkthrough, Part 2

This walkthrough picks up the action as our heroine Susan is about to enter the grounds of the Earl’s castle. It follows the story until you make and use the Sleeping Dart on the guard in the Earl’s Throne room.

If you’re looking for help with puzzles or finding objects in earlier or later parts of Lost Lands 4, The Wanderer, click through to my Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough hub page for all the information you need.

Table of Contents

The road to the castle

Locked up

The Necropolis

Completing the recipe

The road to the castle

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (1)

Take the Collectible from the tree (a1) and the Morphing Object from the path (a2), then use the axe near the base of the tree on the right (a3).

Get a second look at the felled tree (a3) to collect the Map Piece and then click the tree house (a4) for a close-up. Use the symbols you saw carved into the ship mast (a5) to open the box and get the Button.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (2)

You can now access the carved wooden statue behind the tree you chopped down (b1). Click it, take the second Clock Hand, watch a brief cutscene, then continue down the path.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (3)

You’ll find the Collectible behind the wagon wheel (c1) and the Morphing Object on the lower window of the tower (c2). Use the knife on the wagon (c3) to get some Rope, then complete the object-finding puzzle in the back of the wagon. The nine-square twisting puzzle can be tricky here. From the position pictured above, click the following:

  • 1 twice
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 3
  • 4
  • 3 three times

It also took me a while to find the final toy, which is in the top-left of the image (you need to free it with the knife). Once complete, you’ll get the Pendulum.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (4)

Return to the captain’s house, add the hands and the pendulum to the clock (d1), click the attached pendulum, and the doors at the top of the clock will open. Take the Note and the second Button, then return to the castle entrance.

Click the door (c4) and add the two buttons to the door mechanism to start a sliding puzzle. If you find this one tough, follow his solution (L is the left button, R is the right):

  • L, Rx3, Lx2, Rx3, L, Rx2, Lx2, Rx2, L

Once complete, click the door to open it and enjoy the cutscene, then click the Earl to talk to him once you’ve been captured.

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Locked up

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (5)

Take the Stone Tablet (e1), Manuscript, and Rag (e2), and examine the broken stool (e3) to find some Glass. Combine the rag and the glass in your inventory to make a Handmade Mirror, and then use it on the door (e4) to see the keyhole. Use the lockpick on the image of the keyhole, and you’ll open the door.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (6)

Click the cell at the back (f1) and talk to the captain’s wife, Nitielle. The Collectible is on the left shelf (f2) and the Morphing Object is just below it (f3). Pick up the Manuscript (f4), the Plank (f5), and the Log (f6), then click the cell door (f1) for a close-up. Add the plank, then the log, and click the plank again to open the cell door.

Take a Stone from the sculpture (f7), then replace it with the stone tablet from your cell. Select the correct buttons to press (they’re in your diary on page 17, or look at the inset image above) and you’ll open a secret escape passage. Head out.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (7)

Take the Morphing Object from the left tree roots (g1), the Collectible from just above it (g2), and the Spear (g3). Click the element-arranging puzzle (g4) and complete it to find a Key and stop the trap. This is pretty tricky, so if you’re having trouble with it, do the following from the position pictured below:

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (8)
  • 5 (x4), 1 (x2), 6, 1, 6 (x5), 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6 (x2), 7, 3 (x5), 6, 7 (x4), 4 (x2)

Click the valley (g5) to advance to the Necropolis Entrance.

The Necropolis

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (9)

Collect the Primitive Knife (h1) from the floor, plus the Collectible (h2) and Morphing Object (h3) from the step below it. Head back to the cells and use the knife on the target (f8) to dig out the Arrow. Select it in your inventory to also get the Owl Figurine.

Return to the Necropolis entrance, add the arrow to the statue (h4), add the key to its back (h5), and click the key once again to fire the arrow. This raises the island on the right (h6). Click the island and use the spear on the kite in the close-up, taking a second Crystal and then using the knife on the kite. Once done, select the island once more (h6) and use the knife on the tree to take a Thorn (add this to the recipe in your inventory).

You can now look at the rope bridge (h7) that appeared by the island on the left. Click the bridge for a close-up and take the Lever. Select the Necropolis (h8) to continue forward.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (10)

The Morphing Object is by the wall on the right (i1) and the Collectible (i2) is under the arch. Take the third Crystal from the hole in the wall (i3), the second Lever from the fountain (i4), and a Manuscript from the wall (i5). Now select the glowing area (i6) to start an object-finding puzzle. Once complete, you’ll get the Energy Sphere. Click the stairs (i7) to continue up.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (11)

After grabbing the Morphing Object (j1), Collectible (j2), and Manuscript (j3), get a close-up of the ritual table (j4) and take your third Lever. Click the statue (j5), take your fourth Crystal, then replace it with the energy sphere. This opens the compartment below the statue, allowing you to take the Hammer Head. Select the statue on the right (j6) for a close-up and take the Two-Pronged Fork. Click the archway (j7) to move onwards.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (12)

Pick up the fourth Lever (k1), then collect the Morphing Object (k2) and Collectible (k3). Get a close-up of the tree (k4) and use the fork to get the bird nest, taking the Feather (which you can add to your recipe in your inventory) and your fifth Crystal.

Return to the main sanctuary, select the chandelier (i8), and add the crystals. Now select the wheel (i5), add the levers, and click it again to turn it and raise the chandelier. You can now click the area where the floor cracks (i9) and find the Symbol.

Head to the portal, click the base of the tower (k5), and add the symbol. When the compartment here opens in the close-up, click it to start a coin-moving puzzle. Once complete, you’ll activate the portal. If this one proves difficult, turn the following levers using the numbers in the image below (note that both the 5 and 9 repeat).

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (13)
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 11

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Completing the recipe

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (14)

Select the portal (l1) for a close-up and take the Manuscript and Planet Model, which triggers a cutscene. It’s about time Maaron showed up! Afterward, click Maaron (l2) again to continue the conversation and he’ll give you a Key. While you’re here, you can add the planet model to the others here (l3) to keep your inventory tidy and pick up the Map Piece (l4).

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (15)

Use the map to go to the castle hall and pick up the Morphing Object (m1) and Collectible (m2). Use Maaron’s key to open the door (m3) and go through to the throne room, taking another Morphing Object (n1) and Collectible (n2) for your collections along with the Glass Sphere (n3).

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (16)

Move back to the bay shore, click the net for a close-up (o1), and use the glass sphere on the bottom-left box to get the Adrenaline Vile. Also, return to the secret passage, get a close-up of the trap (g6), and pick up a Goblin Hair (add this to the recipe in your inventory).

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (17)

Go back to the road to the castle and use the adrenaline vile on the flowers (b2). After the cut scene, click the flowers once more to collect a Drowsy Flower and a Fragment. Use your knife on the flower in your inventory to get the Drowsy Flower’s Root and the Sleeping Flower, then add the root to the recipe in your inventory.

Go right back to the beaverling burrow and talk to Corko, who will give you a Key. Also, click the chest here (o2), then add the fragments to start a number puzzle. If you need an answer to this one, I’ve shown myself completing the puzzle below. Once done, the chest will open and you can take the Empty Flask.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (18)

Move outside, get a close-up of the wolf (o3), and use the sleeping flower on it. Take the Lard, click the wolf’s bandage to remove it, and then use the flask on the bandage to get a Vial of Wolf Blood (add this to your recipe). Use the key to open the shed (04) and head inside.

The Collectible is on the roof (p1), and the Morphing Object is on the floor (p2). Select the saw (p3) and take the Tongs. Click the wrench in the same close-up and use it on the circular saw blades to remove one.

Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (19)

Click the device at the back of the shed (p4) and grease it with the lard to get it working. You can now pick up the Juicer that falls from the machine in the same close-up. Now select the log mechanism (p5), and click the device several times in the close-up to secure the log.

Return to the secret passage, click the saw blade trap (g6), and use the tongs to break the saw blade free. Pick up the Disk Saw. Go back to the shed, add it to the machine (p3), fix it in place with the wrench, and then click the handle in the same close-up to prep the machine. Now you can pull the large lever (p7) and afterward, take the Planks (at p6).

Move to the Necropolis entrance and add the planks to the bridge (h7), giving you access to the pillar on the left (h9). Click the column for a close-up and take the Saw. Now you need to go to where you got the ferry, click the other side of the bridge (o5), and use the saw to get a Bamboo Rod.

Add the rod and juicer to your recipe in your inventory, which is now ready to be prepared. Use the juicer on the root, the feather on the thorn, the rope on the feather-and-thorn to make a dart, the dart on the potion, and finally, the dart on the bamboo rod. The Sleeping Dart will be added to your inventory. Go back to the throne room and use the dart on the guard (n4), allowing you to further explore the room.

To continue the game with us here at Pro Game Games, click through to my Lost Lands Walkthrough, part 3!

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Lost Lands 4 Walkthrough, Part 2 (2024)
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