Bruce Willis' Net Worth: Here's How He's Made Over $250 Million - Net Worth Radar (2024)

Net Worth: $250 Million

Profession: Actor, Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Musician, Television Producer, Voice Actor

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What Is Bruce Willis’ Net Worth?

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Bruce Willis’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million. Much of the retired actor’s wealth has come from his wildly successful career as an actor. Willis was also a movie producer and musician.

While Bruce Willis has made a fortune in Hollywood, what is equally impressive is the $100+ million he earned just for his involvement in the movie “The Sixth Sense.”

During his career, Bruce Willis has starred in such smash hits as “Die Hard,” “The Sixth Sense,” “Armageddon,” “12 Monkeys,” “The Expendable” and many more.

Let’s take a deep dive into Bruce Willis’s net worth by examining the movies that made him rich and other money-making opportunities that have added to his massive wealth.

How Much Did Bruce Willis Earn From The Sixth Sense?

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Bruce Willis signed onto the lead role in “The Sixth Sense” with a base salary of $14 million. While that pay was impressive, it was the film’s success and his back-end deal that earned him one of the biggest paychecks in Hollywood history.

The actor agreed to his base pay, and the M. Night Shyamalan written and directed film would also include a deal worth 17.5% of the film’s profits, according to Movieweb.

Filmed on a relatively small $40 million budget, “The Sixth Sense” was a global sensation, earning $672.8 million in worldwide revenue.

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Based on the film’s success, Bruce Willis’s net worth likely jumped by around $100 million for his work on the film.

How Much Did Bruce Willis Earn From His Movies?

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Bruce Willis was one of the highest-paid men in Hollywood in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. The actor’s impressive string of hits have generated around $3 billion in global box office returns.

After the unexpected revenue generated by “The Sixth Sense” the actor became Hollywood’s newest $20 million man, even earning $25 million for “Live Free Or Die Hard.”

Here’s how much Bruce Willis earned per movie. This list only includes data from publicly revealed payouts.

1988Die Hard$5 Million
1989Look Who’s Talking$10 Million
1990Die Hard 2$7.5 Million
1990Look Who’s Talking Too$10 Million
1991The Last Boy Scout$14 Million
1991The Bonfire of the Vanities$3 Million
1994Pulp Fiction$800 Thousand
1995Die Hard: With a Vengeance$15 Million
1996Last Man Standing$16.5 Million
1998The Siege$5 Million
1999The Sixth Sense~$100 Million (with 17.5% of back-end
2000The Kid$20 Million
2000Unbreakable$20 Million
2002Hart’s War$22.5 Million
2007Live Free or Die Hard$25 Million
TotalEarnings$274.3+ Million

KVUE News notes that Bruce Willis was often paid an average of $2 million per day for his work.

Bruce Willis’ Brand Endorsem*nts Have Added To His Fortune

Bruce Willis was able to turn his celebrity into what we believe were several lucrative brand deals, first with DieHard batteries and second with American Express.

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Typically, tie-in endorsem*nts earn huge paychecks for the actors who appear in commercial spots. There are few movies bigger than Die Hard, which likely means Bruce Willis’ net worth received a nice bump for the commercial spot, likely somewhere in the seven-figure ballpark.

Bruce Willis also promoted and was a part owner in the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain and owned just under 3% of Sobieskivodka, a stake he received for endorsing the company’s liquor. Willis was set to receive a $26 million payment from the vodka company before it fell on hard times. Willis sued and reportedly reached an undisclosed settlement that likely added millions to his bank account.

Bruce Willis’ net worth in 2024 is very impressive, much like his massively successful acting career. Sadly, in 2023, Willis’ family announced that he was permanently retiring from acting after his health rapidly declined after being diagnosed with aphasia.

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Bruce Willis' Net Worth: Here's How He's Made Over $250 Million - Net Worth Radar (2024)
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